Eclipse brings a soft touch, durable pile and timeless sophistication to a wide range of spaces. On trend colors from natural blue and grey tones to rich spice reds and browns allow Eclipse to be soft and subtle, or bold and vivid. The double point technique brings the finest of details in a varied range of designs from traditional distressed to contemporary abstract. 


The images presented are informational only and are not intended as a specification. Products may vary from those illustrated and Colors may not be accurate.

Design: 63008
Color: 6333
Design: 63226
Color: 4343
Design: 63263
Color: 5161
Design: 63263
Color: 6575
Design: 63278
Color: 5393
Design: 63317
Color: 3393
Design: 63322
Color: 6141
Design: 63323
Color: 9191
Design: 63339
Color: 6111
Design: 63339
Color: 6121
Design: 63339
Color: 6282
Design: 63367
Color: 6282